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Dead Space 2 in stores now!

dead space 2

This game is one of the most awarded in VGA (Video Game Award).  I play this game last week when I’m get home because I’m so tired and stress in my job but this games is so awesome and scary.  “A monster of a sequel.”

dead space2

Dead Space 2 artwork

In Dead Space 2, you join Isaac Clarke, the Systems Engineer from Dead Space, as he wakes up three years after the horrific events on the USG Ishimura. The Ishimura was a Planetcracker-class starship besieged by grotesque reanimations of its dead crew, known as “Necromorphs.” After unearthing a strange artifact known as the Marker, Isaac finds himself on the Sprawl, a giant space station in orbit around Saturn. Unable to remember how he got here and plagued with demented visions of his dead girlfriend Nicole, he must survive another nightmarish outbreak of Necromorphs as he fights his way towards an answer he hopes will end all the chaos.

This game is available in PC and Xbox but a rather play in PC because the content and the features are very easy to use in PC when I’m playing this game.   Try this game to experience more excitement and fun!


NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT is the gamer’s choice video card…

Nvidia 9800GT

Nvidia 9800GT

I wonder that some of the gamers are so devoted in this kind of video card the Nvidia 9800GT. The GeForce 9800 GT-based graphics card has industry-leading GeForce features such as NVIDIA SLI®, dynamic cloth and next generation volumetric effects. Add to that PhysX™ technology that captures true human character behaviors and atmospheric weather effects that you can feel and you get unrivaled game play.   I’m using this video card since when I buy my desktop PC because of the features of this video card and I recommended this Nvidia 9800GT for the gamers that playing 3d games like Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Dead Space and Resident Evil 5.  This product is in the market today.

Thermaltake V4 Black Edition – The best for Gamer!

Thermaltake V4 Black Edition

The Thermaltake V4 Black Edition is coated in black from the inside to the outside, lending it stylish looks and a degree of individuality. A transparent window at the back end of the left side panel allows for a look inside the case. This way the brilliant blue beams of the pre-installed 120mm rear exhaust-fan can emanate in a black-bluish array. A perforated black mesh front panel offers optimized airflow and a sleek design.

With dimensions of 430 (H) x 190 (W) x 475 (D) mm the V4 Black Edition is a conveniently sized mid-tower that still offers more than enough room for system upgrades and expandability. There are four 5.25” and one 3.5” bays accessible from the front, and further four 3.5” and one 2.5” bays are accessible from the inside. Peripheral connectivity is given through the implementation of two USB 2.0 and HD audio connectors for MIC and speaker at the front panel.


This is the best for some gamer because of the design architecture of chassis.  If you are a gamer like me you  must buy this for the sake of reliable of your motherboard and processor and this chassis is also good for some computer enthusiastic.


The Game of the Year (Call of Duty Black Ops)

The biggest first-person action series of all time and the follow-up to last year’s blockbuster Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare 2 returns with Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Call of Duty®: Black Ops will take you behind enemy lines as a member of an elite special forces unit engaging in covert warfare, classified operations, and explosive conflicts across the globe. With access to exclusive weaponry and equipment, your actions will tip the balance during the most dangerous time period mankind has ever known.

This game is so great unlike in some online games, the graphics of call of duty black ops are so realistic.  You must hurry to buy this game because of the new maps and features of the game.

Key Features:

  • Cinematic Single Player Campaign: An epic campaign and story that takes you to a variety of locations and conflicts all over the world where you will play as an elite Black Ops soldier in deniable operations where if you are caught, captured or killed, your country will disavow all knowledge of your existence.
  • Signature Multiplayer: Call of Duty’s signature multiplayer gameplay returns with new perks and killstreaks, deeper levels of character and weapon customization, and all new modes including:
  • Wager Matches: One in the Chamber, Gun Game, Sticks and Stones, Sharpshooter
  • Theater Mode: View, record, and edit your favorite moments from multiplayer, and share with your friends
  • Combat Training: Test your skill solo or Co-Op with friends against AI enemy players
  • Zombies!: Fan favorite Zombie mode is back providing endless hours of Zombie-slaying entertainment, solo or Co-Op